Churches can now benefit from advanced facility & asset management tools---web-based, low cost, with unprecedented ease of use.

HVAC, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, grounds, fire-safety---all screaming for your attention. You have members and staff with needs for rooms, and audio/visual equipment at various times. They expect rooms to be available, comfortable and safe for services, meetings, rehearsals, and ceremonies. 

To effectively keep track of high volumes of events and special requests, and to get in front of issues before they occur, requires people and process. You provide the people, eSSETS helps refine your processes with a powerful, yet easy to use and accessible application.

Your job is hard---our application isn't. 

You have enough headaches without facility management software getting in the way. You need tools that help rather than hinder. eSSETS delivers with the beauty of simplicity. Our software focuses on ease-of-use from the manager or dispatcher making assignments, to the service tech picking them up, and reporting on their work. With our mobile app for smartphones and tablets, information flows faster, and paper pushing is minimized, making your FM team more efficient and productive.

Benefits include:

  • Make church facilities more efficient; minimizing operating costs
  • Make facilities safe and available
  • Improve quality of services
  • Keep rolling stock (vehicles, tractors, etc.) rolling, licensed and safe
  • Keep church leaders, administrators, staff, members and visitors safe and comfortable
  • Manage contractor and service provider performance
  • Improve asset acquisition and disposition decisions (when to fix, when to replace)
  • Prevent problems before they happen with regularly scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance

Key features:

  • ActivityQTM - Replaced old-fashioned paper work orders with a master, electronic to-do list
  • Lists of assets by responsible parties presented quickly and easily
  • Drill down to important asset details; acquisition cost, date, supplier;  warranty coverage, maintenance schedules and history, records of asset condition
  • Define inspection and quality control checklists and capture results in real time with mobile devices (tablets and smartphones)
  • Log requests for services from ministers, administrative staff, members and other departments, and track request status
  • Assign work to internal staff and/or external contractors
  • More Features+

Advanced, cloud-based information management and workflow tools from eSSETS help your church improve quality, responsiveness, reliability, safety, and compliance, at the same time as helping to plan and control capital and lifecycle expenditures.

Want proof? Contact us today to start a no risk free trial. Our consultants will help define and implement a pilot project using a subset of your own facilities and assets.