Action Lists

Improve your image, quality, and reliability with systematic inspections of facilities, equipment and other assets.

eSSETS allows you to create Action Lists for inspecting Places (buildings, areas, rooms, parking lots, etc.) and the Things contained within those Places. The Action List builder allows you to define such inspection criteria as:

  • Pass/Fail
  • Acceptable temperature ranges
  • Condition Ratings
  • Hour Meter Reading
  • Odometer Reading

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Action List items are selected and matched to Places and Things to be inspected.

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Items on the Action List have a short description to make them easy to use on smart phones and tablets, and an optional extended description for less experienced staff.

asset management application

Below is a completed checklist. Clicking the Notes icon opens a box for the inspector to enter an explanation of a failing condition, which can optionally trigger a notification to selected people.

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