Answer FM Questions

Answer FM Questions

Facility Management Software Provides Answers

eSSETS excels in answering these critical questions for facility managers, and asset portfolio managers: “who,”  “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how much”

  • Who asked for it? Who approved it? Who got it? Who delivered it? Who installed it? Who inspected it? Who repaired it? Who is responsible for it?
  • What exactly is this asset? What was done to it? What needs to be done?
  • When was it requested? When is it scheduled? When was it started? When was it completed?
  • Where is it? Where was the work done? Where is that company/supplier located? Where is my staff?
  • Why do we need to do it? Why did we do it?
  • How much will it cost? How much did it cost? How much time will/did it take?

eSSETS provides structured context about facilities and the assets contained therein. Context-based searching is faster than thumbing through paper files, especially when those paper files might be in a different office, a different building, a different city. With eSSETS, you’ll store that document once and retrieve it anytime, from anywhere. Search by vendor, by asset location, asset type, brand, serial number, date range—eSSETS gives you many ways to find what you need, when and where you need it.

The secret? eCONeCON powerful search and filter tool

eCON is the easy to find, easy to use, search and filter button consistently located at the top center of all list and report views. On the Places list, (facilities defined as campuses, properties, building, floors, rooms, roofs, parking lots, etc.), search by any portion of the place name, by Place Type, by person responsible, any words in the descriptive notes, and by various combinations.

On the Things list (equipment and any other assets to be tracked), and associated management reports, search and filter by the asset location, asset type, asset ID, brand, model, serial number, alias name, any word in the description, person responsible for maintenance, person or contractor having physical possession, and ranges of target replacement years.

Material and equipment suppliers, contractors and compliance agencies are searchable by name, location, and keywords (i.e. plumbing, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, grounds, etc.).

Technical staff, other employees, and contractor and supplier contacts are searchable by first and/or last name, companies or departments for whom they work, who they report to, their location, and keywords describing their relevance to facility and asset management (such as technical skills for staff and contractor technicians, and contextual notes about people who submit requests).

Life cycle Activities about facilities and equipment is searchable by any level in the Places facility hierarchy, the type of activity (Service Request, Preventive Maintenance, Inspection, Document Attachments, Notes, Financial Transactions).

Where Life cycle activities generally refer to history, the eSSETS eCON also provide extensive tools for searching and filtering open work orders. Incoming Service Requests can be submitted via two web portal options: WebQ and SmartQ. Jobs are prioritized, assigned and managed via ToDoQ. When the eCON search dialog is clicked, open jobs can be searched by:eCON filters for open work orders

  • Where  - via the hierarchical Places tree
  • Who - who made the request, and which staff or contractors are assigned
  • What - the work category, the facility, asset type, specific asset, keywords in the service request descriptive text
  • Importance - filter or sort by priority rating

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