Cloud-based Asset Management Software

Easy, Yet Advanced, Cloud-based Asset Management Software by eSSETS

Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM)

We define our new, cloud-based EAM as a collection of features and functions for facility and asset management. This collection includes facility management software (CAFM), asset tracking software, cost analysis and management, capital budgeting planning, warranty tracking, and asset lifecycle activity analysis. Facilities management, service requests, preventive maintenance and work orders are covered more fully in other feature pages.

Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking with QR Code Labels

eSSETS provides superior tools for web based asset tracking including QR Code labeling, and launching of asset details by scanning QR Code labels from smartphones and special barcode readers required. Not only is asset tracking information available from common mobile devices, but you can also check Things out to staff and contractors from the asset details page. This check-out function provides an audit trail of who has what, and when they took possession. This asset tracking function is integral component to the overall cloud asset management puzzle.

Asset Type Variables

Things are assets of varying types. We recognize that a forklift has very different characteristics than a boiler, so we provide for unique specifications and other attributes based upon type of Thing. We leverage the advantages of cloud based asset management to speed the setup process of your assets in eSSETS by matching brand and model to our extensive database of common commercial and residential equipment by bringing in those unique specifications.

Asset Cost Management - CAPEX and OPEX

Things are assets that have costs for acquisition, lease/rental or financing, energy, maintenance and repair, insurance and more. eSSETS provides full life-cycle cost tracking and special tools for energy-cost estimating.

  • Capital Budgeting Planning (CAPEX) Report helps maintenance and operations managers collaborate with portfolio and financial managers on the budgeting process. A report parameter allows selection of the range of years to forecast, as well as selection filters for type of asset, location, and asset condition rating. A summary to detail drill-down provides for analysis and refinement, such as adjusting estimated replacement cost and target years for individual assets. With a projector in a meeting room, the facility or asset portfolio manager has supporting documentation immediately available for budget planning meetings with the controller or CFO. Answer the what and why questions on the spot!
  • Things Cost Report provides multiple summary selection options reporting both CAPEX and OPEX expenditures. Summary to detail drill-down options provide tools to truly analyze outliers and anomalies resulting in actionable information. The report allows summarization of cost data by
    • Type of Asset
    • Place (phyiscal location)
    • Brand
    • Replacement Target Year
    • Possession (for those assets that have been checked out to staff and contractors)

Asset Warranty Management

Things have warranties that should be tracked so you don't throw away money for repairs for which someone else should pay. When do warranties expire? Who provides warranty coverage? eSSETS provides answers.

Asset Document and Reference Management

Things have specs, installation manuals, operating manuals, maintenance manuals, inspection checklists, troubleshooting guides—information that can be stored in eSSETS and found quickly when and where its needed, such as from mobile devices in the field. In addition to storing images, drawings, and O&M manuals, you can also link to manufacturer websites for up to date product support information---another reason cloud based asset management software provides practical performance advantages over traditional on-premises systems.

Examples of asset facts you find quickly in eSSETS:

  • Brand/Model
  • Model year
  • Capital acquisition cost
  • Maintenance costs
  • Energy costs
  • Estimated replacement cost
  • Base and extended warranty expiration dates and usage criteria
  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals
  • Where is it?
  • Who has it (for Things that are checked-out to staff or contractors)

In brief, everything an asset manager needs to know for asset tracking, compliance, planning, and cost management can be found quickly and easily in eSSETS.

Cloud Asset Management and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The most practical starting point for getting your organization positioned to take advantage of the coming revolution of IoT is to get all of your important assets tracked with web based asset management software from eSSETS. Implementing eSSETS provides a foundation for web based asset tracking that can be complimented with sensors to automatically capture operational data. Sensor technology is rapidly advancing in terms of the types of data that can be captured, and in terms of the communications technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cell, and more coming) available to capture the data. eSSETS will provide the repository for operating metrics, along with configurable out-of-tolerance notifications and automatic triggering of preventive maintenance reminders.

To save money, save time, improve safety and reliability, and help improve asset tracking and management for your organization, Contact us now  to schedule a demonstration, or to begin a free trial.