Analytics for Facility and Asset Management

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 11:00am

Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. In this webinar we’ll focus on the application of analytics as a tool for improved decision making for managing facilities and assets. This webinar will provide you with the foundation of how analytics works and how it can benefit facilities and asset managers.
In our last webinar, Bridging the Communications Gap, we covered tips for facility and asset managers to effectively communicate up the chain of command. More specifically we discussed accounting principles as applied to the kind of long-term facilities and assets (aka plant and equipment) managed by the FM professional, and tips for breaking through the noise and getting the attention of senior management. Analytics can build on that foundation by providing meaningful metrics for presentations and as an aid to decision making.
In this complimentary 45-minute online session, Paul Roberts, CEO of eSSETS, a cloud based asset and facility management software provider, presents analytical insights to assist with decisions that impact facilities management. Just as financial asset managers deal with values and risks of securities portfolios, the facility manager deals with physical portfolios of property, buildings, machinery and equipment. Elements of this physical portfolio have varying degrees of value and risk requiring systematic identification and measurement, outputs of which produce volumes of data. Effective analysis of the data, in a facilities management system, can assist with decision making and help the overall goal of maintaining any facility efficiently and keep within budget.
Webinar Recording: Click here to request the recording of "Analytics for Facility and Asset Management”
Date and Time: This webinar was held on Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Presenter: Paul W. Roberts, Facility Software Expert at eSSETS
Paul will outline and discuss the following:

  • The four basic types of analytics; descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and decisive.
  • Discuss how these are used in other fields to stimulate ideas on applications in facilities management.
  • Real world examples in MS-Excel and discuss how facility and maintenance management software (CAFM, CMMS) contribute to analytics.

Who should attend?

  • Facility directors, managers, and supervisors
  • Physical plant and asset managers and supervisors
  • Maintenance managers and supervisors
  • Facility/asset/maintenance support staff involved with data gathering and reporting

Why you should attend?

  • Gain new insight on how to properly analyze data Improve decision making when it comes to purchases
  • Optimize the way you track equipment, supplies, building maintenance, and more

About the presenter: Paul W. Roberts is the founder and CEO of eSSETS. A software industry veteran, Paul has over twenty-years experience working with CFO's and controllers implementing accounting and ERP applications. Paul has designed and developed maintenance management and work order systems deployed throughout the US and Canada.
What people are saying about our webinars:

  • “Fantastic presentation! You packed a good punch in 45 minutes.” (Joe Wilson, NJ)
  • “That was a very good presentation.” (Mack Solomon, MI)