Assets are Things of Value

In eSSETS, every Thing has its Place—a place where it is supposed to be.

Things are assets of varying types. We recognize that a forklift has very different characteristics than a boiler, so we provide for unique specifications and other attributes based upon type of Thing. In many cases we can speed the setup process of your assets in eSSETS by matching brand and model to our extensive database of common commercial equipment and bringing in those unique specifications.

Things are assets that have costs for acquisition, lease/rental or financing, energy, maintenance and repair, insurance and more. eSSETS provides full life-cycle cost tracking and special tools for energy-cost estimating.

Things have warranties that should be tracked so you don't throw away money for repairs for which someone else should pay. When does the warranty expire? Who provides warranty coverage? eSSETS provides answers.

Things have specs, installation manuals, operating manuals, inspection checklists, troubleshooting guides—information that can be stored in eSSETS and found quickly when and where its needed, such as from mobile devices in the field.