Everything Has its Place

Places provide a top-level organization scheme. Places can be logical, such as regions, districts, and locations. Places can also be physical, such as buildings, areas, and rooms. The Places tree in eSSETS allows you to organize your properties and facilities for responsible and accountable management. Executives see all Places. A regional manager sees all the Places in his region. A Facility manager sees his facility and the Places inside—down to spaces and rooms.

Physical Places can have costs for acquisition, lease/rental, energy, operating, insurance, and maintenance—lots of costs over lots of time. eSSETS can help you track and manage all of these costs.

Places can have many types of important documents, such as design and construction, warranties, lease agreements, maintenance contracts, and insurance policies. eSSETS provides tools to easily store and retrieve these documents. Contextual document storage makes docs easy to find, when and where you need them.