Facility Management Reporting

Some suppliers of facility, asset and maintenance management software tout that they provide hundreds of management reports. Can you really use hundreds of reports? Are you going to sit around reading reports all day, or focus on actionable information to keep facilities and assets performing?

At eSSETS, we believe in the beauty of simplicity. More is not always better. Better is better. We provide a handful of reports that can be manipulated via filters and summarization options to find actionable answers. Some examples:

Transaction Analysis Report

This extremely flexible report provides a multidimensional analysis of expenditures. Begin with high-level summaries and drill down to supporting details. Numerous filtering options support facility managers and asset portfolio managers in their quest to understand how funds have been expended and drilling down to the root cause.

  • Selectable date ranges (i.e.. last week, last month, last quarter, year-to-date, last year, life to date)
  • Selectable Place (facility) hierarchy - allows drilling down to a building, a floor, an area, a room
  • Selectable financial categories - select capital expenditures (CAPEX) only, or operating expenses (OPEX) only, or various combinations
  • Selectable equipment types - for expenditures on HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, IT, etc.
  • Multi-level summarization options - such as by financial category, Place, Organization (vendors), and more, allowing various combinations for roll-up and drill-down.

Service Level Analysis Report

In general, this report helps facility managers analyze responsiveness to requests for services of different types, called Request Categories. These categories and sub-categories are configurable to fit your organization's needs. A typical setup might include HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, IT, and Housekeeping at the top level, with various sub-categories within each to assist with more discreet analysis. The key metric is elapsed time from request to job completion. Chart options illustrate the range from shortest to longest duration, average, and a measure of variability.

The power of the report allows the viewer to drill down from the longest bar on the elapsed time bar chart, within a category, to the jobs ordered in longest to shortest duration, to help analyze the root cause of poor performance.

Labor Time Analysis Report

How is your staff time being utilized? Is all technicians time being reported allowing for appropriate cost allocations? The Labor Time Analysis Report helps facility managers answer these important questions with numerous reporting options.

  • Selectable by facility (any level in the Place hierarchy)
  • Selectable by person (technical staff and anyone reporting time on jobs)
  • Selectable date range (last week, this month, last month, last quarter, year-to-date)
  • Drill down options to individual jobs to see work details

Asset Cost Report

This report lists assets (Things) and shows original acquisition cost (CAPEX), life-to-date operating costs (OPEX), with drill down options to see the supporting details. With our Depreciation option, the report also shows life-to-date depreciation and net book value, again with the option to drill down to supporting details.

The Place (facility) selection makes this a powerful management report for facility and asset portfolio managers! For example, location managers see the assets in their location. The district manager sees the assets for several locations. The regional manager sees the assets for multiple districts.

Life Cycle Activity Report

Activities in eSSETS can include anything that has happened in the life cycle of a Place or Thing. The power of the Activity views lie in filtering and relevancy for decision making. Activity (life cycle) history can be launched from any level in the flexible facility hierarchy (location, building, floor, room, etc), or from a Thing (individual asset). The Activity list can also be presented simply showing all Activities in reverse chronological order, and then filtered from there for:

  • Service Requests
  • Action Lists (inspections and preventive maintenance)
  • Transactions (anytime money is involved)
  • Reservations and Transfers  - showing reservations and possession transfers of Things or Places
  • Attachments - various types of documents, such as invoices, agreements, and quotes, or pictures and videos

CAPEX Planner

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) planning (aka capital budgeting) is increasingly a critical role of facility managers and asset portfolio managers. eSSETS provides tools to help identify assets approaching the end of their useful life and estimate future replacement expenditures. The CAPEX Planner allows selection of a future range of years and presents a summary of estimated replacement costs by selectable levels in the facility hierarchy, or by asset type, or a combination.

This is not just a static report! Bring your laptop or tablet to the budget planning meeting with your controller and/or CFO. When questions arise about why you want to replace the rooftop HVAC unit on building A, drill down to the Activity history and show its increasing frequency and cost of maintenance. Facts matter when working with financial folks, and you'll have the salient facts in hand.

Warranty Expiration Report

eSSETS helps facility managers track warranty coverage. This report highlights assets with warranties expiring during selected time ranges.

  • Filter by selected levels in the facilities hierarchy
  • Filter by type of asset
  • Select warranty expiration time range

In summary, eSSETS provides powerful tools for slicing, dicing, pivoting, summarizing, drilling down, and rolling-up. These dynamic views and reports allow facility and asset managers to find and act on information---the reason for having a system in the first place.