Facility Management Software

We offer flexible structure that makes it easy for eSSETS to meet the needs of your organization as it evolves.


eSSETS integrates our Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) structure with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). This integration provides facility managers special functionality for defining and managing facility related assets. Our system provides web friendly efficiency and effectiveness with strong administrative controls and audit trails for accountability. Facility managers can track who did what, when and where they did it, and how much it cost.


The Places Tree



Within eSSETS we define facilities as a special type of asset known as a PLACE. The PLACES tree in our software is a flexible hierarchical structure that can be customized to fit almost any organization. For example:

Many CAFM systems have a rigidly defined fixed hierarchy for facilities. eSSETS configurable PLACES hierarchy is extremely flexible. We can serve a single location building, and scale up to support the broad geographical distribution of the facilities of multi-national companies.

PLACES can have:

  • Space - Square footage/square meters (auto conversion either way)
  • Drawings & Diagrams
  • Mailing addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Geo Code location
  • Contact methods (website URL's, phones, faxes, emails)
  • Responsible parties
  • Lessor/Lessee links
  • Contracts
  • Maintenance history
  • Financial transactions - with rollups from lower levels in the PLACES hierarchy
  • Notes

The PLACES structure also provides containers for THINGS, from building related equipment to whatever type of asset the organization wants to track.


Facility Management Groupings



The tree structure of PLACES in eSSETS provides control and accountability for facility managers and technical/trade staff members. Staff members that work exclusively at one facility can be setup to only see THINGS, Requests and Work Orders associated with that facility. The hierarchical structure allows staff to see subsets of facilities as defined by system administrators. As an example, if your organization has facilities in New York City and St. Louis, the manager in charge of St. Louis likely has no need to deal with the "noise" of the New York Places and Things. Simply put, your system administrator controls who sees what.


Facility Management Planning & Tracking



Facilities maintenance planning and tracking is included as a subset of the eSSETS enterprise asset management suite. Highlights of this functionality include:

Preventive Maintenance Planning


Preventive maintenance can be defined and scheduled at any level in the PLACE hierarchy (i.e... building, floor, room, roof section, parking lot area, etc.)


Work Order & Service Request Tracking


When sending a staff technician or contractor to a PLACE, managers and dispatchers can quickly lookup all the open work orders, preventive maintenance and service requests associated with the target PLACE so that multiple jobs can be handled in a single visit. Technicians can pick up their assignments on their smartphone or tablet, and they can record notes about what they did, what they observed, what materials they used, time spent, and reasons why the job could not be completed if necessary. They can also take pictures with their mobile devices to incorporate directly in the work order. This can frequently save significant time over typing descriptions.


Contractor Management


When jobs are farmed-out to contractors, the vendor can be emailed with details about the work assignment. The email contains a map link to the PLACE which launches Google Maps in order to provide directions. Another link in the email allows contractors to directly log information into the work order form. They can even attach their invoice.