Get Organized

Get Organized

Asset Management Software for getting documentation organized


Manage Asset Related Documents with Ease with eSSETS

While most facility managers and asset portfolio managers are not ready for the "paperless office," eSSETS helps to substantially reduce the burden of paper handling. With eSSETS, every Thing (asset) has its Place (facility location) and every document has an association. Every asset has a physical location, or home base. Documents such as invoices, receipts, requests for bid (RFQ), purchase orders, facility floor plans, and equipment diagrams belonging to a Place or Thing can be either scanned and pitched, or captured electronically in the first place. Handle it once, find it quickly thereafter, from wherever you may be.

Eliminate Costly and Inefficient Redundancy

An organized paper filing system is a great thing. Your accounting department may file invoices/work orders in vendor folders in chronological order. As long as you remember which vendor worked on which assets during which time frame, then you can call accounting and have them thumb through the files to look up what you need.

Or maybe you keep your own filing system, where instead of filing invoices by vendor, you file them by facility and an asset ID within the facility. Or maybe you have folders by type of asset. Either way, if you have a filing system and accounting has a filing system, you are adding up time, effort, and paper—and multiplying confusion.

Ugh! eSSETS Ease
Operations relies on accounting for filing & finding Operations has information at fingertips without contacting accounting
Operations & Acctg have duplicate filing systems Operations maintains electronic records---filing cabinets not needed
Operations stores documents on a network file share by Vendor only accessible on internal network Operations retrieves records by asset or vendor from anywhere, anytime
Work assignments doled out via paper work orders Work assignments picked up electronically via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
Paper handled multiple times Paper handled once, or avoided altogether
Get less Ugh, get more Ease. Contact eSSETS today!