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Cloud-Based Facility & Asset Management Software

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Save Time

How much time do you and your staff spend searching for information about facilities?

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Get Organized

While most organizations are not ready for the “paperless office,”  eSSETS helps substantially

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Reduce Risk

Even the best people and support systems can't prevent all facility and asset related adversity.  However, you can signficantly reduce the probability

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Work From Wherever

Facility manager, plant manager, property manager, maintenance manager — whatever your title

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Save Money

Can an advanced asset management application really save you money?  You bet it can! Whether

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Improve Service

Whether your facility serves customers, citizens, faculty, staff or students, your organization's reputation is based on responsiveness, quality, reliability and safety

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Answer FM Questions

eSSETS excels in answering these critical questions for facility managers, and asset portfolio managers: “who,”  “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how much”

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Get Reliable Software

Traditional "on-premise" software costs much more than the vendor's licensing fees.  In fact

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