Improve Service

Improve Service

Facility Management Software helps reliability, safety, efficiency and quality

Facility Management Software - It's all about Service!


Serve - Whether your facility serves customers, citizens, faculty, staff or students, your organization's reputation is based on responsiveness, quality, reliability and safety. Service Requests can be submitted electronically through eSSETS' portal options: WebQ and SmartQ. Phone calls, voicemails and emails can be dramatically reduced while offering your customers self-service convenience.

Responsiveness - Your ability to respond to those you serve can be directly related to facilities and other physical assets being fully operational at the right place, at the right time. No matter how well-meaning your staff, if the tools of your trade aren't performing, neither is your organization. eSSETS  helps ensure your property, plant and equipment delivers! Facilities are managed, assets are managed, your services are more responsive with eSSETS!

Quality - Quality results require quality processes. eSSETS provides tools for systematic, proactive inspections of properties, buildings, machinery and equipment. Scheduled inspections combined with scheduled preventive maintenance enhances the quality of your deliverables.

Reliability - "Most of the time" is not enough. If you have critical assets that need to reliably perform all the time, inspections and preventive maintenance are critical processes. Hand in hand with responsiveness and quality, eSSETS  helps you improve reliability.

Safety - Nothing blemishes the reputation of an organization faster than an accident. Employees, customers, the public, regulatory agencies, insurance companies---all will be looking over your shoulder asking---could this have been prevented? While not all accidents are preventable, eSSETS helps you build detailed inspection checklists and assign them to staff. When there is a need for a "look-back" analysis, eSSETS provides detailed and traceable records of inspections and maintenance histories---who did what and when did they do it? This analysis facilitates corrective actions and process improvements that can prevent a recurrence.

Prevent costly and unproductive downtime. Improve service quality, reliability and safety with industry leading facility management software. Contact eSSETS today!