Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Stuff happens!Avoid risk with maintenance management software (CMMS)

Maintenance Management Software Helps Mitigate Risk

Even the best people and support systems can’t prevent all facility and asset related adversity. However, you can significantly mitigate the risk of adverse events by using best practices in physical inventories, inspections, and preventive maintenance. eSSETS can help with asset tracking software tools, inspection reminders, preventive maintenance reminders, and product support documentation when and where you need it. Managers and administrators can define and schedule routine inspections and preventive maintenance checklists. These electronic checklists can be delivered, along with operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals to staff technicians and contractors on their tablets and smartphones.

  • Reduce risk of theft with regular physical inventories
  • Reduce risk of lost production with routine inspections and preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Reduce risk of injury to employees and others with inspections and maintenance
  • Reduce the risk of fines and bad publicity, by preparing for outside agency inspections with simulated internal inspections
  • Identify trends in condition metrics and cost measures, to anticipate problems and opportunities

Reduce the risks in your organization's facilities and asset portfolio. Contact eSSETS today!

For an in-depth review of risk management that can be applied to facility management and asset portfolio management, see Risk Assessment Methods: Approaches for Assessing Health and Environmental Risks, Covello and Merkhofer, Springer Science & Business Media.