Save Money

Save Money

Save money with cloud-based asset management software

eSSETS Asset Management Software Saves Money

Can an advanced asset management software application really save you money? You bet it can! Whether you’re the corporate caretaker, the budgetary baron, the maintenance maven, the property protector, the facility fanatic, you’re concerned with large investments in infrastructure that are important to your organization. When you’re dealing with big dollars, small-percentage savings can add up quickly.

What’s more, because your customers and stakeholders expect assets to work reliably, any out-of-service or marginally performing assets taint the reputation of the departments responsible and the organization at large.
How can eSSETS help you save money?
  • Preventive maintenance costs less than emergency repairs.
  • Preemptive inspections cost less than fines by government agencies, not to mention damage resulting from negative publicity.
  • Taking advantage of warranty coverage costs less than not.
  • In a few clicks you can find info about a service provider, or service history instead of digging through filing cabinets or making phone calls—time is money!
  • Providing insurance companies with evidence of effective asset-management processes can result in direct savings on premiums. A point here, a point there, it all adds up!
  • Energy costs are steadily marching higher. Knowing the relative energy costs of your portfolio can point out the pigs and highlight the savings opportunities.
  • Save administrative overhead and increase quality of results by replacing slow and labor-intensive paper processes with more efficient and effective electronic workflow.
  • Unstructured spreadsheets lack data integrity that lead to costly, ill-informed decisions.
  • If you're using older on-premises CMMS or EAM software there are costs you can't easily see.  Moving to cloud-based asset management software saves money over older on-premises systems.
  • Maintenance cost analysis provided in reporting options can help identify poorly performing assets that are candidates for replacement. Our CAPEX (capital expenditure) Planning report provides a cost effective tool to assist with the capital budgeting process.

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