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Save Time

Save Time with eSSETS web-based asset management software

eSSETS Web-based Asset Management Software - Saves Time

How much time do you and your staff spend searching for information about facilities, equipment and other physical assets? Over the course of a year, that time adds up! Search time is not productive time—so it pays to reduce it. Reduce search time and increase time spent on productive actions with eSSETS web-based asset management software.

How does eSSETS reduce the time spent on info searching, the paper chase, the email trails, the voice mails?
eSSETS exclusive eCONTM search engine provides a standard, simple, intuitive approach for searching through facility, asset and work order data. It’s all about putting asset information into the proper context. In eSSETS, every Thing has its Place. A Place can be an organizational unit, like a region, a district, or a group; it can also be a physical location like a campus, a building, an area or even a room. This Place concept for defining facilities provides context for finding stuff: “drilling down” to details, “rolling up” to broad overviews, finding invoices and receipts, finding vendors, finding people, making assignments, and getting stuff done! Asset tracking and management is simply faster and easier with eSSETS!
eSSETS provides smart filtering to speed searching by eliminating noise. Staff members that are concerned with one or just a few Places, or are involved with only certain types of assets, don't have to navigate through the entire facility and asset portfolio. They see only what they need to see. Staff with broader access can use our Place facility hierarchy, combined with Asset Type filtering to narrow down information to what's important at the moment.eCON search, filter icon facilities ease-of-use in web-based asset management software
Who, what, when, where, why, and how much questions: can be answered quickly and efficiently with the eCON search engine icon front and center throughout different areas of the application. Facilities, equipment assets, suppliers, contractors, technicians, service requests and requesters, preventive maintenance checklists and schedules, maintenance histories---all searchable with ease.eCON open work order filtering facilities ease-of-use
Wizards and templates speeds implementation
Many systems start out a complete blank slate. If you want to get data out, you have to put all the data in yourself. eSSETS provides setup wizards allowing new users to:
  • Create Facility Hierarchies from templates of common organization types. Start with a template, then customized to fit the nuances of your own facilities. 
  • Commercial Equipment Catalog -  pre-populated product database provides information about thousands of common facility related brands and models. This can help speed setup of your asset portfolio.
  • Preventive Maintenance Templates  - Why reinvent your own procedures and checklists when you can start from the eSSETS Action List library. The library can be searched using keywords, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, IT, OSHA, to find templates you can copy and modify to suit your needs.
  • Work & Transaction Categories - we provide a starting list of common facility and asset management work categories, and financial transaction categories. You can modify, add, and subtract from there, but a starting set saves time and effort.

With all these templates and presets, your staff can spend less time on initial setup, and more time putting the app to work.

Reduce paper handling and input time
If your inspectors and maintenance technicians are writing on paper checklists and/or work orders, you can improve speed and accuracy, and reduce double effort with eSSETS mobile Action Lists. Paper checklists are replaced with electronic checklists on smartphones or tablets, which can capture readings (odometer, hour meter, pressure readings, and more) and inspection condition ratings, pictures, and immediately update facility/asset records. Paper work orders are replaced with action items (to do's) delivered to mobile devices allowing technicians to check-off items from pre-defined lists, add notes or pictures to each, and add notes on unplanned actions. Again, asset records are updated immediately. Action Lists allow inspections and PM actions to be intermixed so staff members can "check and do" items on a single mobile form. eSSETS mobile Action Lists make paper work orders seem quite old fashioned.
Quit wasting time entering info, searching for info, calling around for info. Contact eSSETS today!