eSSETS provides sophisticated, yet easy to use facility and asset management tools for public and private schools, and school systems, of any size.

Benefits include:

  • Make campus facilities more efficient; minimizing operating costs
  • Make facilities safe and available
  • Improve quality of services
  • Keep rolling stock rolling, licensed and safe
  • Keep faculty, staff, administrators and students safe and comfortable
  • Manage contractor and service provider performance
  • Improve asset acquisition and disposition decisions (when to fix, when to replace)
  • Prevent problems before they happen with regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance

Key functional areas include:

  • Handling of maintenance issues (Service Requests) reported faculty, staff and students
  • Define and schedule preventive maintenance and inspections
  • Dispatch work orders to internal technical staff and to service providers and contractors
  • Asset lifecycle management - track capital acquisition costs (CAPEX), warranty coverage, operation and maintenance manuals (O&M manuals), inspection and preventive maintenance history, maintenance and repair costs---any and all activity from cradle to grave can be captured and quantified for analysis in eSSETS.
  • Facility management  - store building documentation such as floor plans and drawing. School buildings can be defined down to the specifications of individual classrooms, and cost information can roll-up to the building and campus.
  • Who has what - The transfer function allows assets such as PC's, printers, scanners, projectors, tablets, smartphones, etc., to be checked-out to faculty, staff and students. Administers can look up who has what assets by either person or by the asset.
  • Help Desk - The service request function can be used by IT staff for tracking and responding to IT issues. eSSETS is flexible enough for IT Help Desk and facility management functions to be processed and handled in one system.
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Advanced, cloud-based information management and workflow tools from eSSETS help your campus improve quality, responsiveness, reliability, safety, and compliance, at the same time as helping to plan and control capital and lifecycle expenditures.

Want proof? Contact us today to start a no risk free trial. Our consultants will help define and implement a pilot project using a subset of your own facilities and assets.