Service Management

Service Management - Requests, Help Desk, Dispatch

You see stuff that needs to be done. You're walking down the hall and see a carpet bulge...a trip hazard. Log the issue directly on your smartphone or tablet. Take a picture to add clarity.

Other people see stuff that needs to be done. eSSETS provides multiple ways for recording and tracking these service requests (aka to do's, tasks, issues, support tickets).

The Three Q's (as in queues)Incoming Service Requests

Phone calls, voicemails, and emails are an inefficient way to communicate service requests. Information gets lost, people waste time playing tag resulting in frustration and aggravation to both senders (requesters) and receivers. eSSETS can help you save time, save money, and improve both communications and efficiency by allowing employees and other interested parties to submit their requests electronically via our portal options.

Service Requests can be submitted three ways in eSSETS:

  • WebQTM - a configurable web page with your logo allowing anyone with the URL to submit a request. You can publish this link on your intranet or website.
  • SmartQTM- Administrators provide requesters with logins which define their context---the Places and Things from which they can select when submitting their request.
  • ToDoQTM - Dispatchers and managers can log Service Requests directly from phone calls, emails, or their own "on-demand" observations.

The result of a Service Request is a work order assigned to either your own technical staff or to service provider/contractors. Email notification options can keep all parties informed about progress and current status. Assigned staff can record materials and time for job costing, and notes, pictures and other documents to help explain what was done.

Service Requests provide a portion of the life cycle history of Places and Things. Management reports provide

  • Service Level Analysis - of elapsed time to complete jobs in various work categories,
  • Life cycle activities -  for evaluation of frequency and maintenance costs.
  • Cost roll-ups in the Places hierarchy provide planning tools for OPEX budgeting
  • Cost drill-downs to individual assets help identify reliability degradation and/or rising maintenance costs to assist with Capital Budgeting planning

Help Desk / Dispatch

The eSSETS ToDoQ provides a powerful tool for tracking and managing the work order dispatch function. Incoming service requests are elaborated, prioritized and assigned. ToDoQ, with our eCON search engine, allows dispatch (aka help desk) staff to search open and historical work orders with multiple selection criteria including:

  • Location - with multiple levels of the Places hierarchy ranging form campus to building, to floor to an individual room 
  • Work Assignments (staff and/or contractors)
  • Request Category (i.e. plumbing, electrical, HVAC, IT, etc)
  • Job Status (new, in-process, on-hold, reopened, complete)
  • Description - text search
  • Asset Type, Brand, Model, Serial #, Description
  • Who Requested
  • Priority
  • Work Order #



Save time, save money, get organized, work more efficiently with eSSETS service management.

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