eSSETS can help manage the assets of one or multiple departments of municipalities and county governments, and agencies or ministries of state, provincial and federal governments. Streets, sanitation, water supply, safety, police, fire, parks & recreation---eSSETS provides flexible organizational structures to fit the needs of your situation.  eSSETS provides easy to use, easy to access, web-based tools for managing real government property through the complete lifecycle from acquisition through holding and disposition.

Benefits include:

  • Make public facilities more efficient; minimizing operating costs
  • Make public facilities safe and available
  • Improve quality of services
  • Keep rolling stock rolling, including fire trucks, police cars and maintenance vehicles
  • Keep pumping stations pumping
  • Manage contractor performance
  • Improve asset acquisition and disposition decisions (when to fix, when to replace)
  • Manage surplus properties

Key features:

  • Lists of assets by responsible parties presented quickly and easily
  • Drill down to important asset details; acquisition cost, date, supplier;  warranty coverage, maintenance schedules and history, records of asset condition
  • Define inspection and quality control checklists and capture results in real time
  • Log requests for services from citizens and other departments, and track request status
  • Assign work to internal staff and/or external contractors

The kind of assets eSSETS helps you manage include streets, bridges, water systems, storm water, sewer systems, signs, buildings, parking lots, parks & recreational grounds and equipment, and the list goes on. Cities have a lot diverse and expensive infrastructure assets to maintain and manage, and eSSETS provides the easy, web-based solution for doing so.

Below is a sample screenshot showing a typical top level view of a city government.

The screenshot below shows expanding the "Places Tree" to show additional departmental levels:

Contact us today! We can create a customized conversion and implementation plan that fits your specific needs. Because we offer a web-based solution requiring no dedicated servers or special hardware, we can have a no-risk pilot implementation up and running in days---not weeks or months.