Vendor / Contractor Management

Service providers, contractors, materials suppliers---essentially anyone you do business with, are setup in eSSETS as Organizations. These Organizations are frequently critical resources that function as extensions of your own technical staff. Information management about these vendor resources are an important asset management function. 

In eSSETS, we go beyond the basics typically stored in accounting software. Frequently facility staff do not have access to the accounting system, and if they do, the data is not discreet enough for actionable use. Accounting systems are concerned with classifying expenditures and paying the bills. Most accounting systems don't provide for cost tracking down to the individual asset level, which is critical information for asset management decision making.

In eSSETS, service providers, contractors and vendors can have:

  • Multiple contact methods, including phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and web addresses
  • Multiple contact people - sometimes knowing information about the people at these companies can make a big difference in getting results
  • Credentials an insurance information - attach copies of business licenses, insurance certificates, and other capability documentation
  • Financial and Activity History:
    • What work has this vendor provided for us in the past month, quarter, year, or more?
    • How much have we spent on maintenance services (by selected time range)?
    • How much have we spent on equipment purchases (by selected time range)?
    • Do we have a service agreement (these can be attached as an activity and quickly retrieved)? 

In summary, eSSETS provides vendor information that can be found quickly and easily to help facility and asset managers leverage this important resource.