eSSETS provides two primary types of Work Orders:

  • Service Requests (sometimes referred to as "on-demand work orders")
  • Action Lists - predefined actions for inspections and preventive maintenance

Both Service Requests and Action Lists provide functions for capturing materials and labor time for job costing. Additionally:

  • Notes provide for a narrative description of work performed,
  • Attachments can include pictures, audio recording or videos taken with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • Many types of documents (PDF's, Excel, Word) can be attached from most any internet connected device

Service Requests and Action Lists combine to provide a portion of the life cycle history of Places and Things. Management reports provide

  • Service Level Analysis - of elapsed time to complete jobs in various work categories,
  • Life cycle activities -  for evaluation of maintenance frequency and maintenance costs.
  • Cost roll-ups in the Places hierarchy provide planning tools for OPEX budgeting
  • Cost drill-downs to individual assets help identify reliability degradation and/or rising maintenance costs to assist with Capital Budgeting planning

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